History Fair?!

Day 4  Mar 4, 2022

Another History Fair in the books.  My daughter’s school does a history fair which is a great experience for the kids.  They research a topic for months and then come up with either a tri fold board presentation, a paper or a video.  I have had three children go through it and it is a great experience for them however it can get stressful. 

When my son first did his 6 years ago I was not aware of the entire process. He worked with a partner and they did a fairly good job, but they were 7th grade boys whose parents made them do the work so the board didn’t look super professional at first with the papers a little jagged. I then told them to use my paper cutter which went much better. Dustin made his title for it using the school carvy and then his own little display case for his train.  I thought it was super nice and since he made the wood sign others have imitated his idea. 

Then came my middle daughters turn and she decided to work alone on hers which was on the underground railroad. She also decided to work on the trifold idea and I thought did a fabulous job especially since she is my artsy one. She also made a map to show the path some slaves took on the underground railroad that she created a circuit thing on the back to light up the destinations. I again thought it was super cool and well thought out. My son was asked to be one of the judges that year and he mentioned to the teacher in charge that our neighbors might look nice but he only saw the dad working on building it, never even having the daughter around. To me as a parent and a teacher that should have disqualified her entire group, but she went to state and Chloe’s was only shown at the school. 

Finally this year, my third child who is also extremely busy with  team dance and volleyball, picked her friend who is a competitive cheerleader to be her partner.  They worked on it a lot when they were not competing. My son was a super big brother and showed his sister how to use a jigsaw and then she sanded it. This project was on cheer the history of it and if it is a sport or not. I was impressed with how their idea turned out and that my husband could help them make it work!  Again though we told her even though she had several dance competitions this last month and volleyball it was her project to do.

We are three for three!  Not one made it past the school show. I laughed when she told me and said, well sorry your parents strongly feel that you learn a lot more by completing the project on your own. Personally I thought yours looked super nice. I did admit though that I don’t believe I read any of the history fair projects entirely this year including hers!  I might need to read hers at some point!  I am just happy we are done with the History Fair for good!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “History Fair?!

  1. This brought back icy, chilling, memories of “the P word”, or “Projects”!!! I ususally heard about them the night before, so kudos to your kids and how well they did. My own elementary school had Science Fairs instead of History Fairs, and they were intense! Glad all of that is behind me!

  2. So fun that all 3 kids had the experience of a history fair! My son just did a “wax museum” where he researched Douglas MacArthur and dressed up like him to give a speech. He also had to make a trifold board. Projects are a lot of work but you can learn so much!

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