The adventure Begins

3/26  The Adventure Begins!!

We are off on our new adventure.  All the stress of having to refill the camper for the season and make sure we have everything will hopefully lead to an uneventful trip.  I am sure we will have plenty of laughs and a few goofy moments. We are going to get to Kentucky tonight and it could be interesting. The campground has great reviews but the lady that runs it tried to tell me she was sure they would have a site and not to worry. Turns out she was just not in the office and so in talking to her more I decided to call back the next day. We now have a reserved site there which is good because we need to unwinterize the camper.  I hope since we had rain the entire time we were packing that the rain will stay away. Here is to nice, no snow like last night, weather and super smooth travels.  We need this break away from the crazy, busy normal life.

2 thoughts on “The adventure Begins

  1. Enjoy! I always wonder right before a trip if all the hassle to get ready will be worth it. But it always is.

  2. Have a safe drive and a relaxing week!! I’m sure many memories will be made with your wonderful family.

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